Wednesday 6 November 2013

Stunt Bike

Noel dropped out to the workshop today with his CBR 600 stunt bike. It wasn't running very well. It started easily and ticked-over fine but there was a massive flat-spot in the mid-range and it wouldn't rev out.

MercenaryGarage - Honda CBR600 Stunt-bike

My first guess was something amiss with the airbox and my second guess was an electrical problem. The process of removing the airbox to get at the coils didn't turn up anything suspicious. 

However, testing the High Tension leads with a strobe light revealed that the sparks were breaking down under load.* 

Anyway, trimming the ends of the HT leads and re-installing them solved the problem. 


MercenaryGarage - Honda CBR600 Stunt-bike
Using the strobe gun to test if the spark plugs are sparking under load. 

MercenaryGarage - Honda CBR600 Stunt-bike
We removed a few spiky bits to make stunting the thing a little safer.

MercenaryGarage - Honda CBR600 Stunt-bike 
It's running much happier. I think I might want a CBR 600...

*This isn't actually what a strobe gun is for - it's intended use is for checking the ignition timing.But a side effect is that it tells you if a spark plug is sparking. Sometimes you'll encounter a machine that will produce a big fat spark with the spark plug out of the engine, and not produce any spark with the plug re-installed. This can be a headwrecker, cos you assume the big-fat-spark-producing spark plug is still firing and go and pull the carbs apart or something...

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