Sunday 24 November 2013

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion (Part 1)

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion

Since I got the thing a little over a year ago, I've been tweaking the handlebars on the CBR1000F in search of more comfort. It's not that the bike is uncomfortable, it's not - even as standard it's the most comfortable bike I've ever owned. It's just that I can't help trying to optomise things...

The first adjustment was to raise the standard clip-ons to the top of the fork legs - this gave a rise of 8mm and didn't really make any difference.

Adjustment number two was to replace the standard clip-ons with clip-ons from a 1989 VFR750. This raised the bars about an inch and a half (35mm approx.) and brought them closer by an about an inch (25mm approx.). This made a noticeable difference and I expect most CBR1000F owners would be happy to leave it there. But I have an ongoing neck injury and it still pulled my neck and shoulders a bit...

The third iteration was a really complicated procedure that involved lowering the whole bike about 30mm while leaving the clip-on bars located at the top of the fork legs - In effect, this raised the bars another 30mm (relative to the seat) and brought them a tiny bit closer. This resulted in a riding position that was really pretty good. You can read about that operation - Here.

However, I just can't leave well enough alone...

Fairly early on in the handlebar modification process, I picked up a set of Factory Racing Fat-Bars and some matching Factory Racing clamps on Ebay. Because the fork legs come up through the top yoke on the CBR1000F, fitting these isn't a particularly straightforward operation. You need risers to raise the clamps so that the handlebars will clear the tops of the fork legs. And because this particular CBR1000F has been lowered, it needs very tall risers...

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion
The risers are very long and simply bolting them to the top-yoke gave an awful lot of flex. Welding them on gives a really solid, flex-free feel.

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion
Painted satin-black to match the bars and fitted with the Factory Racing clamps and new stainless steel bolts, the whole assembly looks pretty tasty.

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion
Factory Racing Fat-Bars in situ.

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion
The bars are really pretty high and wide now. It feels more like a full-on tourer than a sports-tourer.

CBR1000F Handlebar Conversion  
The new handlebar position compared to the VFR750 clip-ons.

So, to get this far has taken a bit of work, but that's only half the battle. The riding position is radically different now and so all the handlebar controls need to be modified.

I'll need to make longer, custom choke and throttle cables. The electrical cables to the switchgear will also need to be extended. And I have to make up longer clutch and brake lines - and because this bike has front-rear linked brakes, that's a pretty complicated endeavour.

Watch this space...

Part 2 of this article is... Here

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