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Friday, 12 May 2023


San Limo Motorcycle Concept With Female Figure

Image - via san limo on Instagram

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Thursday, 30 March 2023


Hiroto Ikeuchi / Yamaha Motoroid Concept Bike

Image - Unknown

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Monday, 14 November 2022


The future ain't what it used to be...

Dystopian DeLorean - Image Skiegraphic Studio

Image - Skiegraphic Studio

#DeLorean #TheFutureAintWhatItUsedToBe #BTTF #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Friday, 27 May 2022


Futuristic Streamlined Motorcycle Concept by John Wallin Liberto
Illustration - John Wallin Liberto

#Futurism #Cyberpunk #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


CPAF - Cyberpunk as Fuck -Some Material May be Unsuitable for Technophobes -  Cybernetics, Hacking, Virtual Reality, Punk Fashion, Artificial Intelligence, Dirty Tech, Evil Megacorps, Smart Drugs, Noir Influence and Lots of Rain

Image Unknown

#CPAF #CyberPunkAsFuck #Cyberpunk #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Friday, 24 December 2021

The Future

It's not what it used to be...

Look and Learn / Speed and Power Science Comic Magazine Christmas Edition Santa Lands on Mars December 1976

Image - Unknown

#LookAndLearn #SpeedAndPower #LifeOnMars #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Friday, 12 November 2021

Casual Friday

A lost Quasar time-machine motorcycle.
A trio of brave time-machine pilots, tragically lost to the eternal future discosphere.

Images - I can't even...

#Quasar #QuasarMotorcycle #TimeTravel #Discosphere #TheSeventies #The70s #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Monday, 8 November 2021


It's like Tom Petty said - The future ain't what it used to be...

1986 Yamaha Rana Concept by Hartmut Esslinger and Frog Design

Image Frog Design

#Yamaha #YamahaRana #YamahaFrog750 #FrogDesign #TheFutureAintWhatItUsedToBe #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Early Morning Commute

Here at MERCENARY we haven't given up on our dream to revolutionise commuter transport.

Illustration Unknown

#Dinosaur #DinosaurRider #TheFutureIsDinosaur #RadicalTransportSolutions #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

Thursday, 15 July 2021


Aether Futuristic 2035 Air Cleaning Electric Motorcycle Concept


Aether Futuristic 2035 Air Cleaning Electric Motorcycle Concept

Aether Futuristic 2035 Air Cleaning Electric Motorcycle Concept

Image Unknown

#Aether #ElectricMotorcycle #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryMotorcycleGarage #MercenaryGarage

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Lost Future

Check out this beautiful futuristic hub-centre-steered Yamaha concept and yearn for the eighties and that lost future...

1985 Futuristic hub-centre steered concept Yamaha 750 designed by Douglas Barber and Frog Design.

Image Frog Design

#DouglasBarber #FrogDesign #EightiesFuturism #TheEighties #The80s #HubCentreSteering #MotorcycleConcept #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryMotorcycleWorkshop #MercenaryGarage

Sunday, 29 November 2020


Ducati Paso 750 Girl

Image Unknown

#Ducati #DucatiPaso #Paso750 #Dainese #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Thursday, 29 October 2020

K/DA V4 Panigale

Um... Yeah, no...

I don't know where to begin with this... 

This is Akali. Akali is a singer in a girl band called K/DA. 

And that's Akali's custom V4 Panigale designed especially for her by Ducati Design Centre. 

So far so good, okay? 

Except that K/DA is made up of a group of girls from the computer game League of Legends published by Riot Games. So Akali's not real. Neither is K/DA and neither is the custom designed V4 Panigale. They're all virtual. 

So this is a virtual collaboration between Akali, K/DA, League of Legends, Riot Games and Ducati Design Centre. Presumably because Ducati wants to exploit that elusive Virtual Girl Band Stan/Gamer/Hyper Motorcycle Owner crossover dollar or something...

If this had happened in 1986 with Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Ducati Paso I would have been all over it, but now it just makes me feel old. And tired. And confused...

Akali from K/DA with her virtual custom Ducati V4 Panigale or somethin'...

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hyper Cyber Bike

Curves? Fuck curves!

The future will look like a filing cabinet...

Hyper Cyber Bike - 3Dmenth Studio

Hyper Cyber Bike - 3Dmenth Studio

Hyper Cyber Bike - 3Dmenth Studio

Hyper Cyber Bike - 3Dmenth Studio

Hyper Cyber Bike - 3Dmenth Studio

Images 3Dmenth Studio

#3DmenthStudio #HyperCyberBike #Futurism #EdgeDesign #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Twenty Twenties

The last time the future arrived in one big chunk was the '80s. That was weird and fun; Pacman, Max Headroom, Aliens, Ghostbusters and the advent of Cyberpunk

Well the future is back now and it's looking decidedly dystopian. There are fucking Nazis coming out of the woodwork and everything is on fire. There's not a lot to be done except zip up your leather, pull down you goggles and say Fuck It.

Let's do this...

Fuck it! Let's do this...

Image Wenfei Ye

#WenfeiYe #DeathRace #2020 #TwentyTwenty #LetsDoIt #FuckIt #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Monday, 30 July 2018

New Harley Custom

Late news breaking! This just in...

Harley Davidson has just announced a whole load of new stuff in an attempt to revive sluggish sales by exploiting new markets.

Notable in this is a range of liquid cooled models including a new Custom, a new Streetfighter and a monster Adventure bike.

The design team for the Adventure bike clearly studied offerings from BMW, market leader in the Pretendy-Off-Road-Adventure segment, and the core value they took away was Ugly. So Harley have doubled down and produced what is definitely one of the ugliest motorcycles ever made. Perhaps second only to the Bimota Mantra. Yeah, it's THAT ugly. Too ugly even for MERCENARY, you'll have to look it up on someone else's blog. Try BikeExif - they feature loads of ugly bikes...

The Streetfighter looks pretty good. Not immediately identifiable as a Harley but a solid bit of styling.

But the Custom! The Custom is sublime! Like a Sportster but chubbier and with a 1250 liquid cooled motor, it's a little piece of perfection...

Harley Davidson Custom 1250

Image Unknown

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Sunday, 3 September 2017


This just arrived in from the future...

Lancia Stratos Zero and Lockheed F104

Image Unknown

#Bertone #Lancia #StratosZero #LockheedStarfighter #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Monday, 31 July 2017

Late News Breaking

This just beamed in from the future. MERCENARY has no idea...

Strange Ronin-Like BMW Streetfighter

Image Unknown

#BMW #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I've always considered the Quasar to be ungainly. It just doesn't look right. It looks long and top-heavy. And it's ugly. The view from the front isn't too bad but from every other angle it's a mess.

So last week I was fortunate enough to find myself in The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham and in the lobby was an example of this rare machine (less than 30 were made).

The photos I've seen don't quite do it justice - it's even more repulsive in the flesh. But it had a sign on it inviting visitors to sit into it. Initially, I was disinclined to do this but then I managed to overcome my prejudice and climb aboard.

And I was hooked! For all its ugliness on the outside, it feels fantastic to sit in! It felt a bit like the Akira Bike and a bit like a fighter-jet and it was very easy to imagine how cool it would be on long motorway journeys. I'd love to have a go in one.

Quasar Motorcycle

Photo Agata Winiarska

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Monday, 8 May 2017

See-through Future

MERCENARY is currently lamenting the loss of see-through stuff.

When I was a child my world was filled with cutaway drawings of Harrier Jump-Jets, Space Shuttles, Hovercraft and other technological marvels (Salter Duck anyone?). These drawings were pretty commonly featured in magazines and comics of the time to meet a demand for a future that hadn't quite arrived yet. There was a sense at the time that there was a better destiny just around the corner if could just hang on a little longer and these drawings were a way for people to satisfy their curiosity about these new technologies.

So the future did arrive in the mid '80s* and one of the points of impact was the 1985 Suzuki GSXR 750. At first glance, the image below looks quaint and a little old fashioned but try to look at it from the point of view of the pre-future...

The '85 GSXR was the first production Race Replica. They aren't called that anymore, they're just called sports bikes now but this was the first one. It was the first fully faired production bike and the first bike with twin headlights. It was the first production bike with an aluminium frame. And although the motor was derived from the '70s GS bikes, its oil cooling was truly novel. Oil cooled engines didn't really catch on generally but Suzuki campaigned the GSXR motor well into the 21st century.

But mostly, it looked like nothing that had come before. It was brutally futuristic and that future was tangibly technological, powerful and Japanese.

I may be nostalgic about the future, but I'm not cynical. The future did arrive and now in the post-future we are surrounded by technological marvels that we take for granted. People are generally better off in terms of food, education and healthcare and that stuff is important. For the most part, the world is a better place than it used to be.

But I do miss the sense of marvel and novelty embodied by all those cutaway drawings.

*The future has been slowly arriving since the industrial revolution, but noticeably a big chunk of it arrived all at once in the mid '80s. 

Mercenary Garage - See Through Future Suzuki GSXR Slab Side

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