Wednesday 10 July 2013

CBR 1000F Lowering Link

Yesterday I was was making a lowering link to drop Big Honda a couple of inches. This is partly for cosmetic reasons and partly 'cos I can't leave well enough alone...

Anyway, it was all going smoothly 'til I went to weld the thing together, only to find that I'd run out of Argon. I wasn't really expecting this as as far as I can recall, the gas bottle isn't that old and I haven't done a lot of welding recently. Anyway, the upshot is, no welding until the replacement bottle arrives, hopefully tomorrow.

So rather than get all pissed off, I did something else instead... (See above)

There's a follow-up to this post... Here

Honda CBR1000F Lowering Link Dogbones

New lowering link (dogbone) jigged and tacked and ready for welding.

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