Monday 29 July 2013

CBR 1000F Lowering Link - Some Useful Information

The newest CBR 1000F in the world is now about 14 years old while the oldest is about 26! They're exceptionally well built and they sold well from new so there are still plenty of them around.

Generally, aftermarket support for them is still reasonably good - for example, I was able to get a new Givi mounting kit for the Wingrack and a taller screen. However, there don't appear to be any commercially available lowering links.

There's lots of talk about this on CBR Forum about this but there's very little hard data. So here's my contribution...

CBR 1000F Lowering Link - Some Useful Information

Above is a sketch of the standard link from a 1994 CBR 1000F. Below is what it all means...

  • The Pivot length is 115mm (the bearing housing is slightly shorter than this)
  • The Pivot Bolt is 10mm Diameter (M10)
  • The Rising-Rate Pivot length is 90mm (In other words, the distance between the dog-bones is 90mm)
  • The Rising-Rate Pivot Bolt is 10mm Diameter (M10)
  • The standard distance between the two bolts is 120mm centre to centre
  • Increasing the distance between the bolts by 12mm to 132mm centre to centre gives a drop of 30mm 

This is the standard link before I cut it up. It's shown here upside-down - the arm with the hole in the middle is on the RHS when the link is in the bike. I don't know what this hole is for - it doesn't appear to have a function. I wonder if it's an artifact from an earlier model or maybe something to do with the manufacturing process... Dunno.

Ground clearance on the standard bike is 135mm (Approx 5 1/4"). Increasing the length of the linkage by 12mm (Approx 1/2") reduces ground clearance to 105mm (Approx 4 1/8").

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