Tuesday 24 March 2015

Yamaha RS-100

Edit:May 2016 - http://www.mercenary.ie/2016/05/metro-garage-rs100.html

Edit: January 2016 - Since I first posted this image last year I've had a couple of inquiries about it. I didn't build the bike. I found the image randomly on the net somewhere so I don't know anything about it for sure.

However, by looking at the image I can guess the following. The rear of the frame has been chopped off and all the superfluous brackets have been removed but otherwise, it looks fairly standard. The swingarm looks pretty standard too.

The seat/tailpiece looks custom, as does the exhaust. The clock looks like it might be standard (Honda or Yamaha) and the hand-grips and mirrors look like they came from Ebay.

The wheels are Boomerang Comstars off a mid-eighties Honda, and looking at the front hub I'm guessing that Honda is a VT 250 with an inboard disk brake. Judging by the top yoke, I'd say the whole front end is VT 250.

If you have any other images of the bike or if you know anything about it or its builder, drop me a line at info@mercenary.ie

Mercenary Garage - Metro Garage Yamaha RS100 Cafe Racer

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