Sunday 22 March 2015

Game On!

I picked up a basket-case Yamaha RD 200 about a year ago and I've been accumulating parts to do something with it since. This evening I pulled out all the major bits and I think I can get them to fit together.

There are a couple of challenges...

  • Remove the rusted and welded-on RD swing-arm!  Sorted!
  • Fit the Aprilia RS125 yokes to the RD frame
  • Fit a Cagiva front wheel with a 15mm axle to the RS Forks  Sorted!
  • Get a brake caliper that will work with the Aprilia forks and the Cagiva wheel
  • Fit the Suzuki TS200 swing-arm to the RD frame  Sorted!
  • Get the front and rear sprockets to line up

If any of these things turns out to be very difficult, the RD 200 will end up in a dumpster...

Project Pipebomb RD 200
Mid '70s Yamaha RD 200 basket-case frame.

Project Pipebomb RD 200
Aprilia RS 125 front end.

Project Pipebomb RD 200
Suzuki TS 200 swing-arm. This swing-arm is 4 or 5" longer than standard. MERCENARY is all about extended swing-arms!

Project Pipebomb RD 200
18" lightweight wheels. The rear is off the same TS 200 as the swing-arm so that'll just bolt up. The front is off some kind of Cagiva supermoto thing. It has a 15mm dirtbike style axle which isn't a good fit for the Aprilia forks.

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