Tuesday 21 January 2014

Lone Rider

This caused me to FP and SMFH at the same time, which is dangerous...

It's not so much the video - the video is obviously tongue-in-cheek and is well put together, even if it is in dubious taste. I quite liked the video. 

It demonstrates that the tent is quick and easy to erect and strike and that it's so desirable that all manner of gangsters will want to kill for it. (Presumably they want it to use as a headquarters for some kind of coup.)

What troubles me is the philosophy of taking a very heavy, expensive and complicated bike. Then adding lots of expensive and heavy extra bits to it. Then loading it up with lots of expensive goods and chattels (I have no fucking idea what goes in those Touratech cases). Then go somewhere where very poor people live.

Actually, in this context, a 6kg (13lb) tent with a built-in garage actually might makes sense...

Lone Rider

*Why is the tent called Lone Rider, if it's so fucking big? SMFH

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