Thursday 25 October 2018

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE

Late News Breaking... This just in.

Triumph have just released their new Scrambler 1200 XE and it looks the business!

They've managed to retain the essence of the old Triumph Twin desert sled, but updated it with USD Forks and crucially, a 21 inch Front Wheel. It also has a claimed 110 NM of torque and good ground clearance.

Only 90 horsepower? Who cares! How much does it weigh? Well... 205 kg Dry, so neither here nor there really.

Most manufacturers accept that most of their adventure type bikes will never venture very far off paved road and bodge on a 19 inch rim. For Triumph to fit a proper off road wheel is ballsy. You are going to be reading moans and whines about it from journalists for years to come! They'll also complain about the seat height.

Fuck those guys!

This bike is going to appeal to a very specific type of headbanger who will strip them down, tune them up, thrash them and crash them and then do it all over!

Headbangers, and Triumph Motorcycles, we salute you!

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE

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