Wednesday 10 September 2014

Stealth KLR250 Update

The bodywork on the KLR 250 is in shoddy condition. Apart from the rear mudguard, all the pieces are intact, but they're heavily scratched. A certain amount of this is due to normal wear and tear on a dirt-bike but mostly, it appears that whoever painted the bike scratched the shit out of the plastics in order to key the primer.

If it came down to it, it would be easier to simply buy new bodywork than try to repaint it all, and in any case I don't think painted plastics will last very well on a bike that's used off road. So I stripped all the existing paint back to the plastic and I'm in the process of wrapping it with matte black vinyl with some carbon-look vinyl on the side-panels.

It's not supposed to be a show bike - I just want it to look tidy. And although the new wrap is far from perfect, it's better than I was expecting and I'm happy with it. Up close, you can see the scratches but from a metre out it looks okay.

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250

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