Sunday 14 September 2014

Stealth KLR - Exhaust

Today I made some progress on the Stealth KLR Project.

I refitted the swingarm and the rising rate mechanism with some new bearings and seals (not all of them, they're expensive and hard to get so I reused what I could) and I fitted a new (second hand) shock from a KMX.

And I sorted out the exhaust. The front bit is the original header with the mangled heat shield ground off. The back bit is one half of a pair of Laser stubby cans I had squirreled away. And the middle bit I welded up from scratch to get the front bit and the back bit to talk to each other.

I'm pleased with it - not least because it's 3kg lighter than the original set-up and what little mass there is, is now located ahead of the rear axle. We're all about the Mass Centralisation here at MERCENARY...

However, I suspect it may not be all that stealthy anymore...

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250
Fake carbon-fibre stainless Laser can goes nicely with fake carbon-fibre vinyl covered side panel!

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250
Routing the exhaust is tricky 'cos there's very little room to spare.

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250
I'll run an aluminium strap around the can and secure it to the frame, however even without the strap the set up is pretty robust.

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250
The can is a tight fit on the mid pipe, so no gasket required.

Mercenary Garage - Stealth KLR 250
The back of the can and the back of the side panel are at the same angle. Nice!

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