Wednesday 4 September 2013


I had a girlfriend who used to adopt this pose a lot.

She was doing it one day outside a Chinese takeaway on Bray main street while I was inside buying dinner.

I had parked the bike up on the footpath and there wasn't much room to get by. As I emerged from the takeaway, there was a grumpy,  obese, middle-aged man making a big show of trying to get past the bike and giving her grief about parking on the pavement.

Completely unfazed, and without altering her nonchalant pose, with a single finger she lifted her black visor and casually replied...

- "Not my bike, Fat Bloke."


*There was another occasion where she deliberately kicked over a Yamaha Virago 1100 in a petrol station after getting into an altercation with it's owner, but I don't think I should go into it here...

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