Monday 30 September 2013

Black Range Rover

I don't know what to make of this.

In general, I'm pretty fond of motorcycles and I have quite a strong dislike for Black Range Rovers (it's a Celtic Tiger thing), so my sympathies would naturally lie with the bikers. However, I can't help wonder whether something happened before the 6 minutes and 27 seconds of footage starts?

Black Range Rover

Because what I see is, a group of bikers riding normally (albeit all over the three lanes) and a black Range Rover, also driving normally. As the camera man comes up to the Range Rover, one of the bikers, wearing jeans, a white tee-shirt and a back-protector seems to be engaging with the driver of the car.

Then as the cameraman overtakes the Range Rover, Back-Protector Guy pulls in front of the car and hits the brakes. This is a deliberately aggressive maneuver - there was nothing innocent about it. I've done this myself, and I'd consider it pretty high up the scale of conflict escalation. It comes just before trying to pull someone from their vehicle.

Just as the cameraman flicks his head to check whats happening ahead, we see the Range Rover shunt Back-Protector Guy's motorcycle. This shunt could have been an act of aggression by the driver, but it looks like he just didn't have time to react to Back Protector Guy's deliberate braking. All the bikes stop and the cameraman looks back over his shoulder. After a short time the driver starts sounding the car horn and there is some jostling as some of the bikers try to move out of the way. Then suddenly the Range Rover lunges forward running over at least one motorcycle and it's game on...

Clearly, the driver shouldn't have done that. However, according to reports he had his wife and 5year-old daughter in the car which may have coloured his thinking somewhat. I've been forced off the road a number of times (mostly by the Police, it has to be said) and it's an unreasonable thing. If someone forces you to a stop, it makes you adopt a flight or fight response and rational thought goes out the window. So I can understand the behavior of the driver, even if I don't condone it.

And I can understand what happened next. There have been times that I've felt so wronged that I wanted to inflict violence on  a car driver (or sometimes, just the car). And I also understand that when riding in a large group, motorcyclist can be dis-inhibited and do things they wouldn't do if they were alone.

The driver was reported to be in a coma after the incident and supposedly there were no other reports of injury, despite an earlier report suggesting that one of the motorcyclists had been killed. It's an ugly incident and the most sense I can make of it is that it was caused by Back-Protector Guy being a fuckwit.

  • It's fortunate there were no guns involved.
  • It's fortunate there were no additional motorcycle crashes during the chase.
  • It's odd that the driver's door was unlocked.
  • The Range Rover window seemed to break very easily.

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