Friday 10 May 2013

GPZ 1100 - It Runs!

Today I did some more work on Evan's GPZ.

I drained the carb float-bowls to find that they contained an unhealthy amount of rust and water. So I flushed them through with fresh petrol. I expect they really need to be cleaned properly but I wasn't in the humour for that.

Then I emptied the tank of some more rusty petrol flavoured fluid and topped it up with 5 or 6 litres of fresh petrol. Only to discover a pinhole leak in the bottom-most right seam. I wasn't in the humour for draining the tank either, so I just lay it on its left-hand side and wirebrushed the area around the leak.

Mercenary Garage - Kawasaki GPZ1100 Square Eyed Git
The repaired bodged leak in the fuel tank. The tank will need to be cleaned and lined at a later date.

 There's some rust but only one hole about 2 mm in diameter. I dried it off with compressed air and put a blob of epoxy on it and went to clean the spark plugs while the epoxy set.

The plugs appear to be new but they were black and oily looking so I wire-brushed them too before reinstalling them.

After the epoxy set, I put the tank back on and connected up the fuel. I pushed in the choke and turned the ignition key (it starts on they key like a car rather than with a starter button). It started straight away and settled down to a fast idle. After a few seconds I pulled out the choke and it ran nicely.

I was a bit surprised. I was expecting more drama...

Mercenary Garage - Kawasaki GPZ1100 Square Eyed Git
I was expecting more drama. Note the fire extinguisher by the front wheel.

So the new ignition wiring works fine. Next up is to wire in the ancillaries and tidy everything away.

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