Thursday 23 May 2013

Evan's GPZ - Wiring

Wiring Diagram
Wiring. It's a bit more complicated than this, but not much

Yesterday I got some time in the workshop and I (almost) finished the new loom for Evan's bike. The lights, horn, dash panel, and all the ignition stuff works. 

Everything is fused. There's a 30A master fuse coming from the battery and the dash, stop-light, tail-light and horn switch each have a 10A fuse. The high-beam, low-beam and the horn are all run through relays and each relay has it's own 20A fused supply.

It was all tickety-boo 'til I ran out of PVC wrap...

Mercenary Garage - GPZ Wiring
The (almost) finished loom laid out on the bench.

Mercenary Garage - GPZ Wiring
Fuse-box. Low amp stuff to the left of pic. Heavy duty relay fuses to the right.

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