Friday 5 November 2021

Project Fantic

This is just a quick update on the Fantic 200 twin-shock trials bike. 

It hasn't been abandoned exactly, but opening up the motor revealed some missing parts. The kick-start shaft is still there but the rest of the starting mechanism is missing - particularly a 20-tooth gear that's proving hard to find. There are a couple of other bits which seem to be common to other Minarelli motors but that 20-tooth sprocket is proving elusive.

The bike should start easily with a bump-start and this isn't a problem it it's just going to be a fun-bike. But to participate in trials events it needs to kick start.

Just for the sake of completion, below are some pictures of some other (small) progress that's been made of the project.

These images are take from the Mercenary Garage Instagram account...

Fantic 200 Trials - Original fuel tank with the oxide sanded off. I think I'll flame polish this for a better finish.

Fantic 200 Trials - The fuel tank was badly oxydised when I got the bike.

Fantic 200 Trials - The fuel tank with the oxide layer removed..

Fantic 200 Trials - Aluminium Side Stand, Swingarm Pivot and Rear Axle Assembly result in a weight saving of over a kilo.

Fantic 200 Trials - Rear Drum Brake Parts. Lighter, but just a little.

Fantic 200 Trials - Kick Start Shaft - Missing Parts


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