Wednesday 2 September 2020

Mercenary Social Media

MERCENARY is on Instagram.

That's not really news, MERCENARY has been on Instagram for quite a while but like most other social media, never really took it all that seriously.

But given the way the world has gone in the last couple of years, and the way social media has exacerbated the world's problems, MERCENARY is opting out of some social media platforms. 

In short, fuck Facebook. And fuck Twitter. Every time I go on Facebook there is some bullshit waiting to irritate me so I make changes and it finds new ways to aggravate me. That's not a bug, that's a feature. So fuck you Facebook, I'm out.

MERCENARY has permanently deactivated its Twitter account and will be making a strategic withdrawal from Facebook over the next week or so. 

If you are one of those people who follows us on Facebook and visits this blog by clicking through posts, you won't be able to that soon. We hope you will stay with us here, maybe by bookmarking

Or like I say, MERCENARY is on Instagram -

I made this simple tool to crimp battery cables in the shop press. Then I decided to paint it to make it more difficult to lose. Then after I used it for the first time I decided to paint eyes on it 'cos sometimes I'm fucking hilarious.

Marking out a regulator/rectifier mount for the Superlight 1000DS project. The regulators on the SL and the DS are the same external dimensions but the SL uses a steel adapter to fix to the frame. The adapter weighs about 100 grams so I thought about remaking the it in aluminium but decided instead to delete it altogether and make a tab to bolt it directly to the frame.

I was gifted this gearknob in the early noughties for a Baja Bug that I was building. The Baja got sold on before it was completed and at some point the gearknob found a new purpose in life. Or death, so to speak.

The collective noun for titanium bolts is a 'Fortune'. This is a fortune of titanium bolts, originally destined for the Fantic project and now redirected to the Superlight 1000 DS. The Fantic project hasn't been abandoned, just postponed.

I found this enormous fuse in the 1000 DS wiring loom and burst out laughing. It reminded me of those giant Smarties and Kit-Kats that appeared a while back.

The throttle bodies off the DS motor. I dismantled and cleaned them and replaced the fasteners with stainless ones. Then subsequently replaced the stainless with titanium and the two threaded bars the hold them together with aluminium ones. I think I saved about 50 grams. Maybe 40.

This was the world's skankiest Superlight 900SL when I bought it in 2004. It almost certainly still is. I've spent the last 16 years making it lighter but never really addressed the skank. It's undergoing a rebuild with a 1000DS motor and another weight loss program. Watch this space...

Ducati Superlight 900SL Mk.I #474 top yoke - The Multistrada igniton barrel bolt's up but is very heavy so it probably won't be there at the other end of this project.

This is where MERCENARY stores its essential fluids. One for petrol, one for diesel and a matte black one for Drakar Noir.

More tool chest stickers.

Vintage African Ivory Lucky Frog has found a new purpose as a tool chest knob.

The workshop empty and (fairly) clean for the first time in about four or five years.

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