Wednesday 6 March 2019

VHS Wednesday - Death Wheelers (1973)

So, you want to see a movie about  a murderous hot chick riding around the LA underground on her CX Turbo in a catsuit that won't close?

Doesn't everyone!

Unfortunately, this isn't that movie.

Unbelievably, this cover art is for the 1973 UK made Psychomania AKA The Death Wheelers.

Whereas the cover art featured is very much out of the futuristic '80s, the actual movie has more in common with bikesploitation movies of the '60s. It's a sort of genre blend of British horror and American biker movie but somehow doesn't work particularly well as either.

The bike featured in the cover art is a Honda CX 500 or 650 Turbo which places the artwork post 1982 when the CX500 Turbo was released. Clearly the bike doesn't belong in a movie made in the early '70s and if I had rented this movie expecting a CX Turbo, I would have been devastated to discover that the movie is populated by boring old Brit twins leaking oil all over the British countryside.

It's pretty common for VHS cover artist to take liberties but this has to be one of the most extreme cases ever. The artwork is for an entirely different movie and I still haven't overcome my disappointment that that movie doesn't exist.

VHS Wednesday - Death Wheelers AKA Psychomania

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