Tuesday 20 November 2018

Mercenary Mini-Moto

Custom Mini-Moto Streetfighter by Mercenary Garage

Custom Mini-Moto Streetfighter by Mercenary Garage

Images Mercenary Garage

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  1. Hello

    Sorry to grab this up

    But what is the tank off ?

  2. Hey. What you see is the tank portion of the original one-piece body of the bike, with the back portion cut off (it was damaged beyond use, but I was able to save the tank cover part). It's wrapped in carbon-look vinyl.

    The actual tank is underneath the cover. It's one of the rectangular box type tanks, still widely available.

    The seat unit was fabricated from 3mm aluminium and also wrapped with carbon look vinyl.

  3. Thanks for the reply

    Nice build mate, i bought my his first mini moto around 3 years ago and he used it a hand full off times then was left, now hes into all the electrics bikes so iv dragged it out hoping to do a full re build onit, do you use yours or was it just for show?

  4. It gets used the odd time when I get nostalgic for that two-stroke smell!

  5. Haha , its a nice build


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