Friday 17 June 2016

Big Honda

It's been a while since Big Honda has featured on MERCENARY. Long-time readers may recall that I picked it up about four years ago and have been slowly modifying it ever since.

It has been optomised for comfort and features lowered pegs, raised fat handlebars, a taller screen, a Corbin seat and a power outlet for a heated jacket. It also has one of those clip-on throttle doofers that allow you to operated the throttle with the heel of your hand. In addition to ergonomic mods, it also has a full set of Givi luggage, a Garmin sat-nav and a modified side-stand foot to allow it to park on soft surfaces.

Cosmetically, it's always been a bit rough. It gets used almost every day and apart from scheduled maintenance, it doesn't get a lot of love. Over the time I've been using and abusing it, it has gradually got blacker. Most of the plastics have been wrapped in carbon-look vinyl while the tank and fairing uppers went matte-black. And the whole bike has been lowered by about 40 mm.

It's exceptionally comfortable. It's as comfortable as an Electraglide or a Pan European with better handling and bigger luggage capacity than either.

Mercenary Garage - Honda CBR1000F Tourer

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