Friday 27 February 2015

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring

I finished off Daryl Brereton's stunt bike this evening.

I didn't rewire it from scratch, I just swapped out the old skanky loom for a much tidier one from another 636 and did a few small custom changes.

The changes were mostly to do do with removing the switch-gear from the handlebars and relocating them out of harm's way. I relocated the switch-gear to one of the frame rails which conveniently happened to have a diameter of 22mm. This was pretty easy.

I also removed the ignition barrel and replaced it with a single toggle switch located in the safest place I could find to put it - safe in the sense that it's unlikely to get hit with anything and safe in that it's not going to stab anyone. This isn't particularly straightforward because the bike is fitted with an anti-theft device specifically to stop the ignition from being bypassed in this way.

I also did a bodge on the neutral switch so the bike will start in gear and I rewired the cooling fan so it comes on with the new ignition switch and not with the thermostat.

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring
The ignition barrel has been replaced with a single On/Off toggle switch located where it shouldn't get damaged.

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring
The right-hand switch-gear has been relocated to the frame where it should be out of the way.

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring
An additional earth strap has been fitted between the frame and the motor.

Kawasaki 636 Stunt Bike Wiring
Good to go!

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