Thursday 11 December 2014

Bat Out of Hell

I've been watching a lot of old biker movies recently and considering how motorcycles used to appear in popular culture.

I've had motorcycles as an important part of my life for such a long time that all I see is detail and nuance and I don't really consider what biking is like for normal people.

But I remember being fascinated by this image as a child. It seemed to encapsulate danger and excitement and mechanical complexity and it really appealed to me. I needed a motorcycle!

When I look at it now, I remember that innocence. And I look at the naive rendition of that mechanical complexity (the artist obviously had only a passing acquaintance with the mechanics of motorcycles). And it takes me to a place where I can see motorcycles from the outside.

I'm reveling in that at the moment...

Bat Out of Hell

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