Tuesday 6 May 2014

GPZ 1100 Custom Wiring - Part 3

I thought I'd get this finished tonight but there's still a couple of hours left in it...

Mercenary Garage - GPZ 1100 Custom Wiring
The headlight gets its own loom with its own earth independent of the main loom. The high and low beam connect to the relay and earth bolts to the frame behind the fuse-box mounting plate - there are oddly few threaded bolt-holes on this frame for earthing into. This technique reduces voltage drop to the headlight and keeps heat away from the rest of the wiring.

Mercenary Garage - GPZ 1100 Custom Wiring
I think there's one cable left to run (the live to the horns) and a couple of waterproof connectors to fit and then it's time to test it and wrap it up.

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