Tuesday 4 March 2014

Putin's Pink Underglow

I never considered that Vladimir Putin might like motorcycles.

But on giving it some thought now, I'm sure I'd have imagined him driving an RG500, flat out across the steppes, with no shirt on. 

Or maybe a V-Max with a mural of the siege of Leningrad on the tank. Or a captured Nazi Kettenkrad with a flame paint job. Or a Ural with a load of unstable uranium in the sidecar...

Y'know, something fucking MANLY!

But no. Apparently he drives a tricycle. With pink LED under-glow...

Putin's Pink Underglow

About 1/3 of the readership of this blog is based in Ukraine. I don't know why this is the case, but its been this way consistently since shortly after it began and it makes me happy.

To my Ukrainian friends - I don't know on which side you sit in the Kiev/Moscow debate, but I wish you a peaceful and swift conclusion to this crisis.



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