Tuesday 25 March 2014

CBR1000F - BMW Shock Conversion

About a year ago Evan gave me a brand-new rear shock from a BMW S1000RR. Its a thing of great beauty and its been sitting on my mantlepiece ever since.

I've been planning on fitting it to Big Honda but there hasn't been any great urgency - the shock in the CBR1000F has 50'000 miles on it and its a bit soggy but its not particularly bad. But summer is coming and I want to get bike in shape for some foreign touring, so last week I milled a CBR1000F rising-rate linkage to fit the BMW shock.

And I'm going to make up some adjustable dog-bones to replace the lowering link that I made last year - see the article here www.mercenary.ie/2013/07/cbr-1000f-lowering-link-cont.html

However, I'm not 100% sure that the shock is definitely going to fit. The standard Honda shock has the gas reservoir arranged parallel with the shock whereas the funky new BMW one is arranged horizontally. Hopefully, it'll be okay...

UPDATE - It turned out to be a can of worms and I abandoned the project!

CBR1000F - BMW Shock Conversion
BMW S1000RR shock and modified Honda CBR1000F rising rate linkage.

CBR1000F - BMW Shock Conversion
Rising rate linkage has been narrowed by 10mm to fit the new shock.

CBR1000F - BMW Shock Conversion
Standard Honda dog-bones on the right will be replaced by home-made adjustable ones - Watch this space!

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