Monday 3 March 2014

Big Furry Honda Underpants

I've often wondered about this image.

Is it vintage? Or just retro? Who is the girl? Why is she wearing Big Furry Honda Underpants?

Are those genuine OEM Big Furry Honda Underpants or spurious, far eastern fakes?

The girl's boots make me think it's genuinely from the '70s. I think if a stylist from a later decade was trying to get a '70s look they would be more likely to go for something with more of a platform sole. And yet, the shot looks like it could have come from a Loaded magazine from the mid '90s.

And the Big Furry Honda Underpants? I dunno. I can't think of a context for that. Maybe there was a fad for big synthetic fur underpants in Japan in the '70s? They have fetishes for much weirder stuff than that now so I suppose it's plausible.

I dunno...

Big Furry Honda Underpants
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