Friday 23 August 2013

The AT - Update

I've ordered a whole load of service parts for the Africa Twin.

I spent yesterday stripping the thing and apart from the corrosion (which is mostly cosmetic) it's in pretty good shape. 

Generally when I faff around with motorcycles I replace the original steel bolts with stainless ones (usually just M5, M6 & M8 because the bigger bolts are hard to get in a fine pitch). My reasons for doing this are partly cosmetic (stainless Allen bolts look nice)  and partly to avoid problems with corrosion and dirty threads. Anyway, with the AT this bit me in the ass! A couple of the M6 stainless bolts that hold the fork cover to the fork slider cold-welded in place and the heads snapped off when I tried to remove them.

I think I can extract them using my MIG welder. I'm hoping this will be straightforward, 'cos I can't think of another way to remove a stainless bolt from an aluminium component.* If this is successful, I'll fit the sliders with threaded stainless inserts and use copper grease from now on...

So, I'm looking for some 2nd hand Africa Twin parts...

  • Rear Wheel
  • Seat for an RD04
  • Passenger Foot-pegs and Brackets for an RD04
  • Left-hand Switch-gear
  • Maybe a rear brake disk
  • And maybe a Belly Pan 

If anyone has any of these items and would be willing to part with them, please drop me a line at or use the Facebook link in the top right of the page. Thanks.

The AT - Update

*There's a technique called Spark Erosion that might work but I suspect it's a bit spendy...

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