Saturday 8 June 2024

Sharktooth Monowheel

Mercenary Garage Custom Motorcycle Workshop 2020s Electric Monowheel Scooter Pilot with Sharktooth Helmet Style

Image - Unknown

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  1. 2024 Weird-Ohs Davey.
    Got that Davey repop... can't see my hands in font of my face

  2. Davey was a plastic model kit by Hawk in 1963, part of their Weird-Ohs collection. It was a Brando- like motorcycle rider with the cap and jacket, but an oversized demon-like head. When I was a child, I saw the 1963 directions for Davey in my Grandma's house. Later, Testors reissued that same model and I bought one. I just dug it out, still in plastic; 31 years old, old as fuck, yet connects me to a past older still.


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