Monday 18 March 2024

Mercenary TDM

Mercenary Garage Custom Motorcycle Workshop  Sharktooth TDM 850 Zombie Apocalypse Matte Black Mad Max Survival Rat Bike

Image - Evan

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  1. Hey, is that a improvised chafe/flare dispenser? You would find that it is also very effective as anti-personnel device. While not being designed as such, it still causes much the same deterrent effect as the mortor rounds, without being lethal or very injurious. It's shit blowing up and making sparks, you know people usually run, but it just looks so cool on video and that's really what we want. They don't want to split the chafe and flare when you buy it, but that's their own fault for buying a package; it fits in the same hole and it's addressable.

    1. I think they're plain old 12 gauge buckshot.

    2. I see the key fob, missed out on those.(?)

    3. Send me your postal address -


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