Saturday 17 December 2022



Image - Rambo First Blood (1981)

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  1. That flick is a pet peeve of mine. If you read David Morrell's excellent novel (as I did, years before Sly Stallone got his greasy mitts on it) you'd know that John Rambo was not the inarticulate rage machine Stallone portrayed. Did Rambo have issues? You betcha! You try serving your country honorably, and being held and tortured by the NVA for years, only to come home and be abused by local yokel cops who see you as nothing but a worthless hippie. You might have an issue or two, yourself.

    My copy of First Blood had a publisher's note in front that read 'I envy you the experience of reading this novel for the first time,' and it really was an experience. No spoilers, but there's one point when the author is describing some foul-smelling thing so well that I realized, after finishing the passage, I'd been holding my breath the entire time! That is damned good writing, and that's just one example.

    Piss on Stallone - that ham-fisted has-been ham - and his piss-poor 'interpretation' of David Morrell's work. Find a copy of Morrell's First Blood and get the real story!


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