Friday 25 November 2022


This is the cover of a new web-comic. I can't find a link to it though.

I hope it's not just on Twitter*...

Blackbox Web Comic, Issue #1 Special Edition Cover - by @xenotrip

Illustration - @xenotrip

*If you're reading this from the future and haven't heard of Twitter, Twitter was a social media platform. The reason you haven't heard of it is that at this point in the timeline it is currently undergoing a high-speed-stall dead-stick death-spin into terrain with Elon Musk helpless at the controls. Its survival is uncertain.

#Blackbox #HighSpeedStallDeadStickDeathSpinIntoTerrain #BlackboxWebComic #Cyberpunk #Mercenary #MercenaryMotorcycles #MercenaryGarage

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