Sunday 5 June 2022

Sharktooth TDM

Ev's TDM as it is at the moment. A couple of years back he swapped out the swingarm for the rear end of a Honda Bros and more recently he converted the front end to a mix of Super Ténéré and TDM parts.

We might do a write-up of the conversion process (fitting the TDM wheel and brakes to the Ténéré forks wasn't particularly straightforward) but, eh... don't hold your breath. 

Evan's Sharktooth TDM - It's got taller!

Image - Evan

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  1. Love it Evan..."see you on the road scag..."

  2. So the process of fitting the tdm wheel to the forks wasn't a straightforward process... would the opposite way around have the same struggles? As in fitting a tenere wheel to tdm forks.

  3. Ok well I was running 4TX forks on my 3VD originally which are 43mm as opposed to 41mm on the 3VD. The reason I chose the XTZ forks was originally because the Akront rims I had were laced with XTX+Z hubs and the XTZ fork legs are several inches longer and I did want extra ground clearance as I had an episode with a hump back bridge in Glenmalure where the 4TX suspension bottomed out and flattened the exhaust.. I digress. The reason I wanted to use the TDM wheel was the 320 mm discs and I'm not a fan of the sliding calipers on the XTZ. To fit the front wheel I used the XTZ axle which is narrower than the TDM axle so more spacers and bearing swaps were necessary.. this was also at the expense of having to ditch the speedo drive.I will eventually replace the speedo with a GPS item. Caliper adapters were cut from some billet alloy on the bandsaw and I may swap the TDM calipers at a future date for some blue spots which will be a bolt on swap.All lathe work was undertaken by Lunar. This as always is a work in progress and next up is a fabricated exhaust system with Yoshi cans and new intermediate sections this space !!!.Evan


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