Tuesday 23 March 2021

The Rapture

A Sherco enduro bike seen floating heavenward, yesterday - Image MJS Moto Photos

Image MJS Moto Photos

The controversial and long anticipated Enduro Rapture is reported to have taken place in Utah yesterday.

Believed to signal the End Times by fundamentalist enduro riders, it is said that when the Enduro Rapture finally comes, all the worthy enduro bikes will be lifted bodily up to heaven to await the arrival of their owners after Armageddon, leaving those motorcycles judged unworthy to remain on Earth to face the impending apocalypse.

The state of Utah is said today to be utterly devoid of Sherco, Gas Gas and Beta enduro bikes, many of which were observed floating skyward shortly after midday on Sunday. 

Eyewitnesses report that off-road riding has been notably curtailed in the state today as apparently the only enduro bikes left are KTMs and only a small number of them could be started.


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