Monday 25 January 2021

Bernie vs. Akira

Deckchair Bernie Sanders vs. The Joker, leader of the Clown Gang from Akira
 Image DS Loogie

*If you are looking at this from the post apocalyptic future on a device you just dug out of a garbage mine in the ruins of a once great city and you're wondering WTF? Well, MERCENARY's got your back. This is Bernie Sanders, US independent politician at the January 20th presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. He's wearing a mask 'cos of Covid 19 (remember that?) and mittens and an anorak 'cos it's cold. Anyway, the sight of a masked Bernie sitting in a deckchair caused the world to lose its collective mind and photochop his image into a never ending array of comical situations. This however, is the winner.

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