Thursday 16 July 2020


Kawazombie KLR 650 Zombie Apocalypse Bike

Kawazombie KLR 650 Zombie Apocalypse Bike
Images Paul Barker

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  1. I designed this when I was on an oil rig in Angola about 7 years ago. I decided to implement it on my 2005 gen 1 and added bits and pieces I picked up from different jobs i was on around the world, including Ghana, Madagascar, Saudi, Iraq, Oman and North Sea, (Norway) etc. At present its down again for another revamp with a changes to lower it slightly (getting too old to fall off these things now) But its still going strong.The beauty of a rat bike is , it always turns heads.
    Thanks for putting it up on your site.

    1. It's cool. Will you send on some pics of the update?


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