Monday 17 February 2020


Noel's KTM 200 EXC was in rag-order when he got it, but has since undergone a comprehensive rebuild. It still didn't have a side-stand though, so yesterday we made a bracket to adapt an aftermarket side-stand to the frame,

Brainstorming solutions.

The original, mangled side-stand mount.

Turning down the pivot.

The finished pivot.

Marking out the bracket on a piece of 5 mm plate.

Shaping the bracket with angle grinders.

Cutting off the old bracket and prepping the area for welding.

The rear side of the bracket, prior to welding the pivot.

The finished bracket welded in position.

Welding the bracket in situ.

Aftermarket stand fitted to the bracket in the stowed position.

Stand in the down position.


Pics Noel Feeney

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