Monday 30 July 2018

New Harley Custom

Late news breaking! This just in...

Harley Davidson has just announced a whole load of new stuff in an attempt to revive sluggish sales by exploiting new markets.

Notable in this is a range of liquid cooled models including a new Custom, a new Streetfighter and a monster Adventure bike.

The design team for the Adventure bike clearly studied offerings from BMW, market leader in the Pretendy-Off-Road-Adventure segment, and the core value they took away was Ugly. So Harley have doubled down and produced what is definitely one of the ugliest motorcycles ever made. Perhaps second only to the Bimota Mantra. Yeah, it's THAT ugly. Too ugly even for MERCENARY, you'll have to look it up on someone else's blog. Try BikeExif - they feature loads of ugly bikes...

The Streetfighter looks pretty good. Not immediately identifiable as a Harley but a solid bit of styling.

But the Custom! The Custom is sublime! Like a Sportster but chubbier and with a 1250 liquid cooled motor, it's a little piece of perfection...

Harley Davidson Custom 1250

Image Unknown

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