Sunday 14 June 2015

Vintage Plate

I've been busy with work and traveling for the last two months or so, so I haven't had any workshop time. I hope to be back in the workshop for the next few weeks catching up on stuff - mostly the RD project which I had sort of forgotten about.

So today I eased myself back into workshop mode by making a tiny, vintage style number plate for Evan's GPZ,

I cut the plate out of 2mm aluminium and polished the upper surface before applying a gloss black vinyl with the numbers and letters cut out to allow the aluminium to show through. The small lettering is cut from white reflective vinyl and applied over the black vinyl.

In Ireland, vehicles built from 1987 on wear registrations that start with the year of manufacture (87, 94, 03, 11 etc), followed by a letter code to represent the county of registration (D for Dublin, WX for Wexford etc.) followed by a series of numbers representing the order in which the vehicle was registered (so the 520th vehicle registered in Carlow in 2004 would have a registration that reads 04 CW 520).

But your '53 Vincent or whatever would look a bit odd with a modern style number plate, so imported vehicles built before '87 have the option to wear a vintage style plate. And all the post '87, vintage style plates start with ZV.

And the vintage style plates don't have to conform with EU regulations so they can be black, white or red.

Mercenary Garage Vintage Plate

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