Thursday 21 August 2014

KLR250 Strip Down

While I'm waiting for various KLR spare parts to make their way to Dublin, I'm stripping down the KLR to get it ready to send to Tallaght Powder Coating.

Mercenary Garage Stealth KLR 250
The KLR is a lovely bike to work on.

The last couple of things I've worked on  (the Buell and the quad) have both been nightmares of seized bolts and broken parts - it got so bad that I can't even look at the Buell without loathing it! Even though all that's really left to do is adapt the Yoshimura can to fit the Buell header, I keep avoiding it 'cos it means trying to undo some of the bolts underneath the motor and I just don't want to go there again...

By comparison, the KLR is a delight to work on. The rear sub-frame unbolted easily allowing superb access to the (remains of the) airbox, the shock and the carb. So far, all of the bolts have unstuck easily and I haven't had to resort to a big hammer, blow-torch, welding rig or impact driver.

That's not to say I haven't uncovered any problems. At some point in the bike's life, the sump drain threads were ringed. And instead of going and getting a Timesert of a Helicoil at a motorcycle shop, the owner elected to tap out the drain hole and fit the biggest bolt in the world! It's 30mm across the flats! I expect it's off something agricultural...

Mercenary Garage Stealth KLR 250
The underside of the motor - note the gutter-bolt holding the belly pan on. And if you look carefully, the enormous sump bolt is also visible in this shot.

Mercenary Garage Stealth KLR 250
The mystery sump bolt, believed to be the world's largest, refusing to speak to the press this afternoon...

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