Thursday 5 December 2013

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable

When I fitted the new handlebars to Big Honda a couple of weeks back, the riding position was radically altered and the original throttle cable would no longer fit. Below is the process of modifying the throttle cable to fit.

I used stainless steel gear-cable from a bicycle. The nipple on the cable is different to the one on the standard Honda throttle cable but it doesn't matter - it works fine. 

Gear-cable is much finer than brake-cable and is better suited to use as a throttle cable. If you need to make a new clutch cable, the process is the same, just use a brake cable and an appropriately sized nipple.

The other thing you need is a solderless nipple. If you still have a local motorcycle store, you'll get one there. Otherwise, you can buy them on ebay.

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable
STEP 1: Remove the cable from the bike and tighten down all the adjusters on the outer cable so it's as short as it can be. Pull the inner cable to one end and measure the free length - The CBR1000F cable above has a free length of 100mm (4").

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable
STEP 2: Cut and discard the old inner cable. Remove the adjusters from either end of the outer cable - You're going to reuse these in the new cable.

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable
STEP 3: Get some bicycle gear/brake outer cable and cut it to the required lenth - In this case the new cable is longer by 125mm (5"). In the picture above picture, you can see all the ingredients needed to make the new cable - the two adjusters from the old outer cable, the new length of bicycle outer cable, the solderless nipple (5.5mm diameter, 7mm long), and a length of stainless steel bicycle gear cable. 

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable
STEP 4: Fit the re-used adjusters onto the new length of outer cable. Pass the stainless steel inner cable through the outer making sure the permanent nipple is at the throttle end of the outer cable. Make sure everything is tight and pull the inner cable through. Cut the cable to match your original free length (in this case, 100mm). 

How to Make a Longer Throttle Cable
STEP 5: Place the solderless nipple on the end of the cable and screw it down. The cable is now ready for installation.

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