Monday, 2 January 2017


Like Manchester, Seattle and Leicester (Yeah, really!), there was a time when Dublin was the centre of the musical universe. In the mid to late '80s Dublin was a hub of energy and creativity that could take on the world.

This was brought about by never-ending recession, unemployment and an inexplicable abundance of electric guitars. Everyone was in a band and there was a thriving live music scene and a small recording industry supported by various pirate radio stations, particularly Capital Radio.

Not to be confused with Capitol Radio London, Capital Radio was exclusively an alternative music station that was the spiritual precursor to Phantom FM (before it was emasculated by Dennis O'Brien and his neo-liberal agenda - "Give it a meaningless name-change and suck all the life out of it!").

Capital Radio heavily promoted Irish contemporary music and provided the soundtrack for that golden era. The Golden Horde, The Subterraneans, Light a Big Fire, Blue in Heaven, Cactus World News, The Gorehounds, The Babysnakes, Paranoid Visions, Something Happens, The Fat Lady Sings - the list was endless.

So anyway, Nick Kelly former front man of The Fat Lady Sings has a new project called Alien Envoy and they have just released a track that brought some positivity to the new year...

#AlienEnvoy #Resolution #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage