Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sportster Girl

Sportster Girl

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Chop Monster

Chop Monster

Artist Unknown

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Metro Garage RS100

This bike featured on MERCENARY a while back and has generated quite a lot of interest. Since then, the owner has been in touch with some additional photographs and information.

The bike is a Yamaha RS100 and beongs to Luis Uyarte Palma of San Carlos in Chile. It was build by Ignacio Ortiz at Metro Garage. The seat unit, paint and clip-ons are by Metro and the front forks and wheels are off a Honda VT 250  - Note the inboard ventilated front brake disc. It looks like a drum brake but is in fact a strange and complicated disc setup!

The original post is here -

Mercenary Garage - Metro Garage Yamaha RS100 Cafe Racer

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Saturday, 14 May 2016


Check your email!

Not Today

Not today, Copper. Not today!

Not today, Copper. Not today!

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Rainbow Bright vs Akira

I had always assumed that My Little Pony was all happiness and flowers and rainbows and shit, until I had the misfortune to watch an episode upon the insistence of a small child.

I was surprised to discover that it was all strident shouting, ill-behaviour, jeopardy and kidnapping and 'splosions!

It's the televisual equivalent of giving your kid Skittles.

Rainbow Bright vs Akira

Artwork by Willis96

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Artwork by Ludovic Debeurme

Artwork by Ludovic Debeurme

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