Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rascal Rider

I wonder if Rascal Rider has lost something in translation?

Y'know, if he was a raccoon or a chipmunk, Rascal Rider would probably work. But he looks more like a ruthless psychotic robot assassin from the future...

Cool image though.

Rascal Rider

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Breakin' the Law...

In Europe, toll-bridges are generally free for motorcycles even though toll roads aren't.

And back in the '90s I had a girlfriend who, every time we would scootch up the side of the traffic and under the barrier on the East-Link toll-bridge in Dublin, would burst into song singing "Breakin the law, breakin the law..." by Judas Priest.

It was years later that I realised that she didn't know the toll bridge was free. I'm thinking about that now and feeling pretty heroic...

Breakin' the Law...

Pic and model by Liam Covey

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С Рождеством!

Today is Christmas Day in Russian speaking parts. Santa Claus doesn't do deliveries himself in Soviet countries. Instead, his sexy niece Snegurochka takes care of that on her dirtbike.


С Рождеством, дорогие читатели из Украины и России!

С Рождеством!

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