Monday, 14 September 2015

Project XS 850 Sidecar Brat - Electrics Tray

I didn't get much workshop time over the weekend but I did manage to fabricate an under-seat electrics tray for the XS from 2mm aluminium. It hangs down below the seat rails a little but it won't generally be visible - particularly after it's been powder-coated black.

 The electrics will be pretty minimal - really just headlights, stop and taillights and a horn. The sidecar will have its own stop and taillight and headlamp.

All of the electrical components are staying on-board the bike except the battery which will go in the sidecar to act as ballast on left-hand turns.

The switch is the on/off for the headlights and the two large grommets will take the battery cable and the lighting loom for the sidecar.

The regulator/rectifier is bolted to the underside of the tray to keep it cool.

The tray sits low between the seat rails - I'll weld in tabs to secure it later.

It's reasonably low in profile and it won't generally be visible when the seat goes on.

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