Sunday, 30 August 2015

Project XS 850 Sidecar Brat

So I've made some small progress on the XS Sidecar project. I've tidied up the front end to the way I want it, eliminating the instrument cluster and the original enormous headlight.

I've retained the original speedometer and fabricated a bracket to situate it snugly against the new 850mm wide drag-bars the I made.

And I fabricated a mount for the new, hemispherical headlight. It's a bit of an odd choice for a headlight and if the bike was just going to be a bike, I probably would have gone for a flatter lamp and mounted it as close to the forks as I could get it.

But this bike is destined to have an enormous zeppelin of a sidecar stuck to it and I think this lamp will make more sense then.

This doofer allows the horizontal and vertical aim of the headlight to be adjusted independently of each other. 

Mounting brackets fabricated in 5mm plate and welded to the bottom yoke.

It's a very robust setup and I like the look of it.

Mounting bracket for the speedometer fabricated from 3 mm aluminium.

Drag-bars on riser allow the forks to be dropped through the yokes to get the bike nice and low.

Throttle is off a trials bike. There isn't going to be any switchgear.

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